Braces: Not What They Used to Be

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It used to be that if you wanted to have straight teeth, you were looking at a minimum of two years of teasing and ridicule. Kids would call you metal mouth when they were being nice and offer some other choice words when they decided to be mean. The end of your social life was signaled by the orthodontist bringing out the headgear and saying that you had to wear it except when you weren’t eating. The best patients would wear it and endure the relentless adolescent ribbings. Most other patients may have worn it sometimes, but never at school or where they would see friends. Fortunately, Bethlehem orthodontics offices like Frey Smiles can offer patients different ways to make those teeth straight. They may involve braces, but those braces are a lot less visible they once were.

The Straight and Narrow

One of the keys to success is having a winning smile. As much as people like to believe that looks don’t matter, anyone who really follows that sentiment is in for a rude surprise. Straight teeth make for a more beautiful smile, and that smile will give the person social collateral to use when times get rough. Everyone needs to be in the best bargaining position possible when it comes to living in a capitalist society. A smile is the right place to start, especially if straightening the teeth offers the benefits of confidence and utility.

Invisibility Is Cool

The original story of the invisible man, and some of the movies afterward, was a cautionary tale. However, the invisibility cloak on Harry Potter made invisibility cool. When it comes to orthodontic work, invisibility helps teens keep their cool status and adults be more likely to get their teeth straightened. Some of the modern inventions to move teeth don’t even have to be worn all day. It is just amazing how orthodontics has advanced over the past 20 years.

Good Advice

Of course, if you are looking at getting orthodontic work done, you will want to visit or call some Bethlehem orthodontics offices like Frey Smiles to get routine estimates and see what kinds of services they offer. You will also want to see if they have anyone who can recommend their services and what information you can find out about them on the web. Once you have had a couple consults with a couple of orthodontists, you will want to go with the one who can offer you the services you need at a price you can afford. When it is all done, you will be able to look in the mirror and know that your smile made it all worthwhile. The confidence that you gain will be invaluable.

Attributes You Want in a General Surgery Clinic

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Health issues are a big problem in this country, as is evidenced by the constant stream of information you are hearing in the news about all the different struggles with insurance options. If you are worried about an upcoming procedure and want to make sure that you have chosen the best clinic for your general surgery in Seattle, then there are definitely some things that you should be looking for. You want to be sure that they accept your insurance policy and have a payment schedule you can work with. You also want to be sure that their nursing staff is kind and helpful. Finally, you should look into the doctors on staff and make sure that they have good track records of success for the kind of procedure you are needing done.

They Accept Your Insurance

Just because you are in need of something does not necessarily mean you have the funds available to pay for those things that you are in need of. The best clinic for your general surgery in Seattle will be one that will work with you on the financial end. They will be able to get what they can from your insurance and work with you in a patient and manageable way for anything else that you may owe.

They Have a Great Nursing Staff

While you are under, it will be the surgeon’s job to make sure you are well taken care of, but for the rest of the time you spend there being prepared for surgery and recovering from the procedure, your care will primarily be in the hands of the nursing staff. You want to know that wherever you go to have this procedure done, you will be surrounded by a staff of nurses that will go out of their way to help you feel safe and comfortable.

The Doctors Have a Good Track Record

The success rates of doctors in certain procedures is common knowledge. This is something that is not hard to look up, and it can be important for you to know. Before you trust your life in the hands of someone for a surgical procedure, you want to know that they are good at what you are having them do. The best clinic for general surgery in Seattle will be one that has doctors who excel in the kind of work you need done; good staff and doctors can make a world of difference in your experience.

How to Prepare for Getting Braces

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If you are contemplating getting braces for yourself or a family member, you might not have thought about more than figuring out the finances for it. However, there is a lot more preparation to do before you commit to getting braces. Here are some things that you should get done before you or your child gets braces put on. You can also contact an orthodontist at if you have more questions about the process. 


Talk to Your Dentist

This is not a required step, but it can give you an idea of what to expect from braces. Your dentist will typically take a panoramic x-ray of your teeth about every year to see how your teeth are growing in your jawbone. Your dentist can determine a lot of things from looking at these x-rays. He or she can give an estimate to about what time would be ideal to get your braces on. Your dentist can also see if you are missing any teeth or if you have any extra teeth. He or she can tell you if your jaw is too small and there will be a lot of unnecessary crowding if you keep all your teeth. Then your dentist can point you in the right direction of an oral surgeon or can extract the unnecessary teeth in the office. 

Another great reason to consult your dentist is that he or she may have some recommendations of good orthodontists in your area. You might even get some sort of partnership discount. 


Shop Around

Make sure that you are going to a good orthodontist. When you put the braces on, you are committing to years, in many cases, of monthly visits. You want to make sure that you are with an orthodontist that puts you at ease and who comes highly recommended. It is smart to get one that is located close by and who has different payment plans available to fit your financial needs. If your insurance company covers orthodontia (many do not) then make sure your treatments are covered under this orthodontist.



Consider the Commitment

If you are an adult, you might be well aware of what kind of a commitment braces are, but if you are having the braces put on your child, you should make sure that he or she knows what is in store. Let your child know that there will be diet restrictions to make sure that the braces don’t fall off and also to make sure that you limit the amount of cavities. You should explain to your child that it is a big financial commitment, so they need to wear their retainer consistently afterward to make sure that the teeth don’t shift back to where they used to be. Once your child understands what to expect, you can make an appointment with an orthodontist, such as the one at this site:

How a Medical Billing Company Can Increase Your Bottom Line

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Whether you are a healthcare provider or the owner of a laboratory, your staff is probably spending a lot of time with different insurance companies. While some insurance companies are easy to work with, most of them are not. Fortunately, you can hire a medical billing company to help you out. Outsourcing your billing problems will free up your time to be with your patients, increase your revenue, and streamline the entire medical billing process.

No More Billing Headaches

It’s not unheard of for healthcare specialists to spend twice as much time on billing the insurance company than on the actual treatment. When you think about it, medical billing takes up a lot of time. First, you have to verify coverage. Then you have to fill out the claims in a specific way. A few weeks later, your claim may have been reduced or denied by the insurance company.

The process seems endless. Insurance companies seem to be really good at delaying and denying payments. In the end, you probably feel like your job is to babysit insurance companies instead of treating your patients. The good news is that you can pass these billing headaches along to someone else.

Getting Paid More Reliably

Because it’s such a big headache to receive a payment from an insurance company, it’s difficult to ensure prompt payments. Depending on how many employees are currently working on medical billing, you might wait for several weeks or months until you finally get paid for your services.

When you hire a billing company to fight your insurance battles for you, a few things tend to happen:

  • You get paid quicker.
  • You lose fewer claims.
  • You will find that fewer payments are reduced.

Technically, it’s not impossible to get paid adequately by insurance companies. However, it takes time and dedication from several staff members to ensure prompt payments for you. Without occasionally nagging the insurance company, your claims may just end up at the bottom of the pile every time.

Get a Financial Overview

It can be very challenging to know how much money your medical practice is earning these days. Most likely, you have quite a few outstanding claims. After all, you’re adding new ones on a daily basis. Fortunately, a medical billing company┬ácan be invaluable in providing a financial overview for you. This will let you know exactly how your office is performing every month.

Which Skin Cleaner Tool Is Right for You?

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Appearances mean everything in today’s demanding world. It is tough attracting a mate when you are not meeting today’s high standards. Others are passed over for a job because they do not make a great first impression. Competing with perfect specimen can be tough when you have skin problems. Sometimes, even dermatologists provide little or no help. Citizens without health insurance may not be able to afford expensive medical treatments. However, they may benefit from cheaper care solutions and a simple skin cleanser tool. If you need advice on how to treat skin conditions without going broke, you will benefit from the following advice.

1. Facial Cleansers

Cleansers are much better for your face than regular soap. There are different formulas, because not everyone’s skin is alike. A person with dry skin should not use the same facial cleanser as a man or woman with an oily complexion. These products are designed to remove dirt, provide nutrients, and stop the development of pimples and other skin impurities. Cleansers can be applied by hand or by using a soft sponge.

2. Warm Towels and Steam Baths

Heat opens up pores. Oils and dirt can work their way out. Even if you do not roll your face in dirt every day, it still needs to be cleaned because of all the pollutants in the air. All the steam-techniques people use at home have the same basics. You boil water in a sizable pot. You drape a towel around your head, which you place over the boiling water. The steam will rise. If you want to increase the cleaning effects, add herbs like chamomile and lavender to the water.

3. Collagen Induction Therapy

Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving. One of the newest innovations removes acne scars, fine lines, and other blemishes. The physician uses a simple, cordless skin cleanser tool to improve a person’s overall appearance and to repair damaged skin. This device is not limited to the facial area. It can also be applied to other body parts.

The Different Kinds of Smiles

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When you have a great set of teeth, it’s your right to show them off, according to Sheldon Hough, D.D.S., Inc. and others. Most folks decide to do this through smiling. After all, there’s an expression that “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Indeed, smiling has body and mental benefits. Smiling can lower blood pressure, shed calories when paired with a laugh, relieve stress, lead to longer marriages, fight colds, help you live longer, and form better relationships. According to experts, there are 19 different kinds of smiles. Any sort of emotion can be felt when smiling, yet it boils down to 2 categories: sincere and artificial. Be sure you review these provided kinds of smiles so you can be aware of how you come across to others.


When you’re feeling smug, you’re more likely to smirk. It’s two looks in one. One side of your face may smile with the muscles on the other side of your face turning downward. The lips may be shut or slightly open. When the upper lip rises, it’s a sign of ridicule. As for the eyes, they may narrow a tinge. Most people associate smirking with a feeling of superiority or arrogance. Smirks may also be used to indicate doubt or dismiss someone. However, smug smiles can be used for flirting. Wear this smile with discretion.


Similar to the smirk is the half-smile. Basically, one end of your lips curl up to form half of a grin. This is more of an ambiguous smile because it can be interpreted a number of ways. Some may think you’re tentative about smiling or holding back a grin or a laugh. Others interpret the half-smile as an indication of embarrassment or shyness. There are a few folks who would say half-smiling represents cynicism or sarcasm. Either way, it gets an emotion out of the viewer. The person watching may partially connect with the smiler although feel apprehension or even empathy for them. Again, be mindful how you come across as you show off half a smile.

Tight Lips

Some smiles are rather tight-lipped. You can see a line curling upwards at the ends but the teeth remain closed. They can be short or wide. Some would say that tight-lipped smilers are liars. However, most would claim that tight lips indicate being secretive or hiding their true thoughts and opinions. You may reveal a tight grin after delivering a not-so-sincere compliment. Tight-lipped smiles are often seen by those who don’t know how to react in social situations and they feel like they should smile. In other cases, a person may just want to conceal their teeth due to embarrassment. 

Open Mouth

Last on the list is the open mouth smile. This is perhaps the most sincere and most mirthful of smiles. You grin from ear to ear and the jaw is wide open. They eyes will crinkle and arch. Some claim it looks like you’re laughing without sound coming out. This smile suggests happiness and playfulness as well. What the open mouth smile does is draw in positivity and laughter. The truly photogenic can create this smile on command. It just takes practice as you think of something funny or heartwarming. If you want to come across as likable and happier, try this smile on for size. If you’re slightly ashamed of your teeth, though, fix them up with Sheldon Hough, D.D.S., Inc. or another dentist.

Read More about Improving Your Smile

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Having a great smile can definitely make a positive difference in your life. A healthy smile will help keep your teeth and gums functioning properly, and a beautiful smile can help boost your confidence and be a powerful tool for communication. You take the most crucial role in the health of your smile, so read more about how to keep your smile healthy and beautiful with the help of your dentist.


Caring for Your Teeth

The first step to a healthy and beautiful smile is properly caring for your teeth and gums. In order to keep your teeth healthy, you need to clean them at least twice a day. You should start by flossing between each pair of teeth. Be sure to scrape along the sides of each tooth in order to remove plaque and debris. After you floss, brush your teeth and gums well, using toothpaste. Around two minutes is a good length of time to brush your teeth. This will give the fluoride in the toothpaste time to take effect, and it will give you enough time to cover the surface of every tooth. You can’t forget to brush your tongue as well. Watch what you eat, and avoid an abundance of sugary and acidic foods.


Making Your Smile More Beautiful

While keeping your teeth healthy will definitely contribute to a beautiful smile, there are some instances where you will need outside help. You need to visit your dentist regularly in order to keep your teeth healthy, but you might also want to talk to your dentist about cosmetic procedures like whitening and straightening. Even if you take great care of your teeth, you may have yellowed or stained teeth. This might be because of a habit like using tobacco or drinking coffee, or it might simply be a result of the aging process. Read more about how your dentist can help you improve your smile by giving you professional whitening treatments or discussing options like braces or aligner trays to help straighten your teeth.

Your Options in Home Health Aide

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Every family situation is different. You may have the time and ability to care for your loved one in the family home or you may prefer to have them in a care facility dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients. Thankfully, there are many options available in many different price ranges. You can customize your care or the home health aide in Birmingham for a loved one.

Assisted Living

There are many benefits to moving into an assisted living center. You can have a guaranteed level of socialization each day. Studies have shown that the two loneliest groups of people are teenage girls and elderly men. The teenage girls are often isolated by their peers while elderly men draw into themselves and opt out of many social opportunities. In an assisted living center, there will be interaction each day. It can be as basic as eating in the dining hall with the other residents or more involved. While you won’t be forced into anything, the options are nice to have.

In-Home Care

Hiring a nurse or caregiver to take full-time care of your loved one while they live at home also has its benefits. Your parent or loved one may feel more comfortable in their own home. If they have memory problems, moving them to and from unfamiliar setting can cause anxiety or depressions.

When your parent stays in their home, they can also have things done their way. They will not have to eat on a schedule. They can still get out to the store or go to lunch and your family will be able to stop in at any time to visit.

Elderly Sitters

A much lighter option can be to hire an elderly sitters company. This type of home health aide in Birmingham is new. Instead of having a hired caregiver, you can be the caregiver and  hire a trained nurse or home health aide to come in for a few hours each week while you go food shopping, visit with friends, or go to book club. The sitters are available for any time during the day or night. They are also available in case of an emergency. If you have a sick grandchild, child, or work-related issue pop up, you can call an elderly sitter to come over. That way you aren’t torn between caring for your loved one and taking care of your life. 

Finding the Best Optometrist for Eye Care

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There are lots of pieces of your body that can be easily replaced if they get damaged. If your teeth get infected, you can get dentures or implants. If your nails break easily, you can get fake ones put on. You can even get your hair replaced is it falls out! But if anything happens to your eyes, well, let’s just say you can’t go to the local salon in the strip mall to have them replaced. Having a doctor for good Virginia Beach eye care is essential to keeping your eyes bright and healthy. Here are some easy ways to narrow down your search when you’re searching for a good optometrist.


Where to Get Referrals

The best place to start your search for any kind of doctor or specialist is by asking people you know and trust for referrals. Guaranteed you know someone who wears glasses or contact lenses. Ask them what they like about their eye doctor and if they’d recommend them.

If you’re looking for a doctor, maybe the best place to get a referrals is from another doctor! Ask your primary care physician, dentist, or even neurologist who they would recommend in the area. Neurologists often work closely with optometrists, so if you see one, they should have some good referrals.


Read What Other Patients Are Saying

The world is in the age of information. Information on anything and just about anyone is widely available online. Once you get a few names, look up the doctor on the internet. Reading reviews from other patients is truly invaluable to finding a physician of any sort who actually cares about their patients.

You can read honest reviews on websites like Health Grades, Lifescript, and The usual suspects like Angie’s List and Google will have lots of reviews also.


Ask Questions

Call the optometrist’s office to ask them questions about their Virginia Beach eye care services. Ask if they offer any weekend or evening hours to accommodate busy schedules. Find out if they are in network with your health care insurance. If you have children, ask if they’re equipped for pediatric care and what they can do to make their visit a little less intimidating. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Will Brighten Your Smile

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cosmetic dentistry When you look at your smile in the mirror, what do you see? Do you love the way that your smile looks or do you instantly become embarrassed? If you are embarrassed by your smile, it will stop you from accomplishing many things in life, you might not smile as much, and you try to hide your teeth when you talk. You should not live your life like this when there are many solutions that will help you have a smile of your dreams. When you look at a beautiful smile, it is most likely that they have had some sort of cosmetic work done; not many people are born with a beautiful smile. If you want to change the way that your smile looks, cosmetic dentistry is the answer for you.

If you want a smile that you will love, you should see a cosmetic dentist. During a consultation and exam, the dentist will determine a dental plan that will help you have a smile that you will be proud of. This might include teeth Read the rest of this entry »

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